Kindergarten School Picture

Today was my first ever parent-teacher conference and it wasn’t quite as I’d expected.  I don’t really know what exactly I did expect, but I didn’t get whatever it was.

Really, I think I expected Mr. A’s teacher to tell me he was the brilliant child I’ve always known him to be.  I mean, the kid knows everything, he say’s so himself.  I did get a “he is a very bright child,” but somehow it wasn’t enough for me.  They showed me his test scores and he was perfectly average.  Right on target for a boy his age.  Well, he did test slightly above average in reading.  That’s something, right?

Apparently he is bright, helpful and very social (duh).  He also has a knack for knowing exactly what’s going on at every station in his classroom at all times.  I think that takes some kind of special brilliant skill.

I couldn’t help but be disappointed.

I guess I’m just one of those mom’s that really thinks her child is something more.  Something more than just average.

Perfectly average.

Perfectly wonderful.

And handsome.