This year, Halloween came and went so quickly I hardly had time to prepare.  I had all these grand ideas and a party planned in my head, but nothing ever happened.

No decorations.

No creepy food.

No spiderwebs.

No mummy hot dogs.

Wow, I’m really lame.

Well, I did put orange food coloring into their pancakes this morning if that makes up for any of it.

We did take them to the pumpkin patch out at my husbands work.  They have a little patch for the employee’s kids and each child gets a free pumpkin.  It’s one nice little thing about his job at the casino.

Everyone had fun picking pumpkins except Bobo.  He’s a homebody and all he wanted to do was go home.  His big brother had to pick his pumpkin for him and put it in the wagon because Bobo was having NO part of it.  Of course, he did enjoy decorating the pumpkins and here you can see his little happy dance for a job well done.

Friday night, the little town we live in held their annual “Main Street Trick or Treat.”  I thought it was stupid to not have it on Saturday night, but I guess it had something to do with having crossing guards available.  The crossing guards were really nice, prior years we’ve just set bad examples by running across the busy 4 lane street.

I had a GREAT time dressing the boys up.  Remember I told you that I was going to dress the brothers as Mario & Luigi and then Mr. A. decided he needed to be Darth Vader (he couldn’t resist the lure of the red light saber).  I hated the cheap polyester costumes being offered up by Costume Express so I went on my own.

I found THE best Mario & Luigi hats from a website called Mario Friend.  They were real cotton (probably a blend) “painter” style hats.  The ones at Costume Express were cheap stiff polyester stuff and cost more.  So I ordered here and loved the hats.  SO cute.  We saw several other “Mario’s” out trick or treating wearing the commercial costume and they looked terrible.  Our boys were THE BEST!  Really…I’m  not just saying that…

Judge for yourself:

This is my new very favorite picture of the brothers.  <3

The ever frightful Darth Vader

Oh, and Mr. A’s Darth Vader costume came from the Halloween store at the mall (not sure the name) but it’s a cheap polyester costume that I hate…but what do you do when they insist?  The velcro closure on the back ripped off and the seam at the waist was separating…all before we even left the house!  The worst $57 bucks ever spent.

So tonight we’ll head over to some friends houses to do a little “house to house” goody gathering.  I can’t believe it’s over.  Only 54 days till Christmas…