Happy Halloween people!  What are you plans for tonight?  Anything?  We actually aren’t doing too much.  We did big trick or treat last night because my town does a “Main Street Trick or Treat.”  It was fun and the kids had a good time.  I think tonight we are just going to go around and visit a few of our friends homes and look at decorations.

My little goblins were adorable in their costumes.  The twins went as Mario & Luigi and Mr. A. was Darth Vader.  As soon as I get the pictures off my camera (have to find where I put that darn USB cord…) then they will be up, or maybe I’ll just plan on sharing them Wednesday.  We’ll see…

Anyhow.  To celebrate the day I thought I would do a giveaway. 🙂

I still have several Sam’s Club Plus Membership cards (value $100) to hand out so what better way to celebrate a holiday than giving away free money!

Today I will be giving away TWO of them.  Can I get a “woot woot!?”

It seems that there will be a LOT of Sam’s Club giveaways in the coming months up to help you all with your holiday shopping, so be on the lookout.

Today’s Live Giveaway

First Mandatory Entry

Before you can win you must tweet this very important announcement:

LIVE Sam’s Club Plus Membership Giveaway happening NOW @mommy23monkeys  http://tinyurl.com/yg27uhr

Link a comment to your tweet and then have at it.  Comments must stay appropriate and on topic of  Halloween or Sam’s Club.  Comments must be sentences (no one word “Boo’s” and the like).

Comment numbers 300 and 500 will each receive a $100 Sam’s Club Membership Gift Certificate which can be used to purchase membership, or just shop if you are already a member.

If your comment goes into moderation – don’t worry!  I am here and will be approving them as they come in.  WordPress keeps track of the timestamp so even if you go to moderation it will post in the order it was received.

Good Luck and Happy Halloween!

Congratulations to Kori & Amanda G!  Be on the lookout for more Sam’s Club deals and giveaways coming up for the holidays!!