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REVIEW – the Shark UltraLite Multi-Vac

Remember back in September when I was invited to New York by the company Euro-Pro?  They asked me to go to New York to be introduced to the very cool Ninja Master Prep (which I’ll have my actual review of up soon…I promise.  Just seems the times I’ve used my Ninja, I forget to take pictures).  Anyhow, seeing as that Euro-Pro is also the parent company of Shark Cleaning, we (the bloggers) were also introduced to several other new Shark products.

Today, I’m going to tell you about the Shark Multi-Vac, NH15

This thing is straight out of Star Trek!  It’s wild to look at and a bit confusing out of the box, but it works phenomenally well.  Here are the official facts from the company on this unique machine:

  • Transforms into three devices: a stick-vac, portable-vac and hand-vac with ease.
  • World’s most powerful portable vacuum, the Shark Multi-Vac comes with no-loss-of-suction technology.
  • Four times the suction on the floor as the market’s leading brand in no-loss-of-suction technology (the $400 Dyson DC24 upright).
  • Combines an ultralightweight of 10.4 lbs with swivel-steering for enhanced maneuverability.
  • Effective on carpet and hard wood floors.
  • Features high-clearance for larger particles like candy, pebbles or marbles as well as small messes like flour or sugar, which typically clog a filter.
  • Quick latch release turns the Multi-Vac into a portable vacuum with a handheld canister and patented revolutionary Backsaver™ handle.
  • Backsaver handle hinges mid-height, preventing strain on the back while making hard-to-reach places, such as under low-profile furniture, accessible.
  • Patented edge cleaning pulls dirt and debris from the sides of the product to ensure detailed cleaning.
  • Multi-Vac’s Air-Driven Turbo Brush attachment helps keep homes allergy free by powering through pet hair and embedded dirt on carpet and upholstery.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.

Honestly, this machine’s high tech design can be confusing.  It gave me a headache trying to put it together out of the box.  It’s hard to tell which way is up.  Luckily, it does come with very good directions and once I slowed down and took the time to follow them, I had it together.  Of course, once it was together, I had to use it…even if it meant picking up all the toys in the living room.

The Multi-Vac is extremely easy to maneuver.  It glides over the carpet and sucks everything up.  It swivels and turns around corners and the  floor piece (pardon my non-technical jargon) is thin enough to go right under the entertainment center/couch/chairs/whatever you have without having to move everything.  Then it has this very cool “quick release back saver” button that drops the entire vacuum down so you can push it under tables without ever having to bend over.

Things I liked:

  • VERY easy to maneuver
  • Picked just about everything up (chunks of dried play-dough, candy wrappers, wet Coco Pebbles)
  • Loved how it could drop down to get under the table without it being moved.
  • Super lite
  • It has some kind of exhaust/fan that blows cool air up/out and it just happens to hit you and keeps you cool.  I don’t think this is technically a “feature” but I liked it.
  • Extra long cord is great for big rooms.

Now, with every great machine, there are some flaws.

The detachable hand held vacuum was a little confusing to me and I had a hard time getting it reattached back to the base when I was done with it.

I had my Multi-Vac in my dining room and one of the three year old’s walked by and knocked it over (the light weight and smaller base makes it easy to do).  The detachable/hand held canister fell off (apparently there is a latch that I missed).  Because of the high-tech design (or my lack of high-tech thinking), I had no idea which way was up/front and I ended up forcing the base backwards trying to get it to stand up.  This in turn broke the hinges on my wheels/base and now my Multi-Vac no longer stands upright on it’s own.  Boohoo.

My Multi-Vac still functions just fine (other than it won’t stand on it’s own) and I feel like an idiot for breaking it.  But I do think that maybe the nice people at Shark should think about adding stickers onto it signifying the front/back and up/down.  At least for the technology challenged moms like me.

All in all, at the end of the day, I love my Multi-Vac.  It works REALLY well and I would certainly recommend it to my friends.  Hopefully, with practice, the detachable hand vac will get easier to use and I can use this nifty little machine to it’s full potential.  It’s currently available for purchase at Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls and online at

Be on the lookout for my other upcoming Shark/Euro-Pro reviews (they really set me up good!):

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  3. The Steam Pocket Mop
  4. The Ninja Master Prep
Disclosure:  Euro-Pro provided me with the UltraLite Multi-Vac for review as well as a trip to New York to be introduced to the products.  The opinions are absolutely my own.


  1. I just saw one similar to this at Bed Bath and Beyond from Shark but it wasn’t so “Star Trek” looking. LOL The design definitely needs some work but it looks like it has some great suction.

    • mommy23monkeys says:

      Yeah, they have another new one, the Navigator. That was available to review but I thought my nerdy DH would like the sci-fi feel of this one. LOL

  2. I been watching the infomercials and I am not quite convinced it’s very durable? I need a new hard floor vacuum but I am hoping they work out some of the quirks before I buy. Your review was quite helpful and i could see myself putting the canister on wrong also. Thanks for your review.

    • mommy23monkeys says:

      Hey, I’m glad my review was helpful to you!! It is very light weight…but it did work really well going from carpet to tile. There is no spinning brush to scratch the floors either. Good luck deciding on one.

  3. Thanks 23 Monkeys for this review as it gives an awesome insight to the Shark Vacuum cleaners.

    Many of these vacuum cleaners you see on tv are either worthless piece of **** or never deliver what is shown on television. It is good to start seeing some quality products in the market.

    I look forward reading more of your Infomercial Reviews

    Infomercial Review Team – Jessy

  4. How does it work on pet hair?

    • mommy23monkeys says:

      Hi Kim. I thought it did a really good job getting my black pug fur up off the furniture (and they shed like nothing else!). There is a special spinning brush attachment for the hand held part that does the pet hair.

  5. Does it kick back any particles through the vent while you were vacuuming? My old vacuum will throw back all the kittie litters that it sucks onto my legs and feet which I hate!!

    • mommy23monkeys says:

      Nope. It didn’t seem to have any kick back of dust at all. I know what you are talking about, too. I think that is a bag vacuum thing, but this is bag-less and has a special filter that catches all the tiny little particles.

  6. Mike-Steve says:

    You said it picked up pet hair with teh hand held brush? Does the main vac do it too? We have 3 dogs and a lot of dirt in the back yard that creates a lot of dust. was looking at the Dysons, but not really into paying $500 for a vac. Our last couple vacs would shoot the dust all over the place and get clogged all the time from the hair. Thanks for the write-up above.

  7. I’ve never had a ‘bagless’ and really haven’t considered one…I like having a bag to just pull out and throw away. So, is it easy to dump & replace the ‘debris-collection-thingy?’ (I’m technical too 😛 )

  8. Well girls, I just purchased (and finished using) the Shark “Ultra-Lite” Multivac that mommy23monkeys very helpfully described. My girlfriend is in need of a new vacuum cleaner so I was looking around for one to purchase for her. She has a cat and her house is always in need of cleaning and vacuuming and after reading reviews and the information from mommy23monkeys, I decided to give this one a try. I saw one advertised at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $119.00. It was on sale for $99.99 and with my 20% off coupon, it brought the price down to $79.99. (Not a bad price for this unit)

    My girlfriend is not mechanically inclined AT ALL, so when I got the vacuum to my home, I decided to put it together and try it out before I gave it to her. It was lucky I did. The vacuum is exactly as mommy23monkeys described. Straight out of Star Wars and the high tech design can be confusing to assemble, as well as properly use the various attachments and functions. However, if you have common sense and can follow instructions it should not be that difficult. The hardest thing was locating where you store the crevice/dusting tool on the machine.

    Once I had everything all together and felt comfortable with what I was doing, I began house cleaning. I must admit that this vacuum has the most powerful suction I have seen in a long time for such a small and versatile unit. The Stick Vac does as it reports and glides over carpet, hardwood and tile floors with ease and does a good job of picking debris up. A couple of times the vacuum had some difficulty getting a piece of dirt or something that may have become lodged in the carpet and this is when I missed a “Beater Brush” on the Stick Vac. Of course just when I thought the unit was a little “weak” on suction, it started sucking the grout from between the tiles on the kitchen floor and when I ran it across a throw rung lying on a hardwood floor, it sucked that up too. This just emphasizes the suction power of the unit. And once I got used to it, changing the equipment from Stick Vac to Portable Vac was quite easy. And by the way, the Portable Vac works excellent with the crevice/dusting tool or the Power Brush. I also used the Hand Vac, but this takes another step where you have to make a change to the equipment by sliding a piece called an “Air Dam” onto the dust cup. The Hand Vac also works as well as the Stick Vac.

    The unit has a sufficient length of cord (I believe 20 ft), but with large rooms such as i have, a longer cord (maybe 30 ft) would be nice. And as I said before, a “quick change” Beater Brush for the Stick Vac would be a plus. The only problem I really had with the unit was keeping the Dust Cup Cylinder attached to the cannister. It twists on and off with a clockwise/counter clockwise motion and it kept coming loose. I solved this with a couple of pieces of duct tape. I don’t consider this a big deal because you only have to open this to change the filters which is recommended every 6 months.

    Overall this is a very good “Multi” vacuum cleaner for the price and would strongly recommend it.

  9. Sounds like a good unit especially for the price. No one has said anything about the noise level though. I understand the auspicous Dysons are very loud.

  10. I bought my Shark Mulitivac at Bed Bath and Beyond on Black Friday. They were handing out 20% off coupons so, i got mines for a pretty good deal. I am a housekeeper, so I was really looking into this vacuum and i been wanting it for the longest, then finally decided to wait for after Thanksgiving to get me a real good deal on it. So…. I brought it home, set up was easy! I treid it on my tiles, great! I pored cereal and chips on the floor, picked it right up! I took the portable vac on the stairs, wow, really great suction power there as well. As far as carpet , it picks up everything just doesnt leave it with that vacuumed look. (what the beater brush does) I started debating if I should go return for the Shark Navigator.. but I think the overall work that this lil vac does is good for me, and the price is not bad at all for the incredible suction! I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars!

  11. elizabeth schwalje says:

    I purchased my multi vac a few hrs. ago at wALMART…I am technology challenged….and it was challenging to put together, and the canister did fall out a few timnes…you have to twist and turn it…but…it is great..the suction is powerful…I have since used on tile,carpet and laminate.
    I do not think I will attempt to use the other configurations tonite…must go to work in morning…

    Have a nice week all


    I ordered this product from the infomercial phone number and was overcharged $20. Not a big deal so I called customer service and after being on hold for 15 minutes, I was connected with someone in Southeast Asia. The connection was very poor as I am in the US and the person I spoke with was quite rude and unhelpful. To further complicate the issue, have been trying to get in touch with customer service for the past 4 days and there is always a busy signal or a recording that says my call cannot be connected. If you must get this product, buy at Bed Bath and Beyond – they are great with customer service and very thorough

  13. Does anyone know how this product rates in comparison to a Dyson? I have a dog and cat, so my biggest concern is pet hair removal. The Shark seems to do well with the handheld pet hair remover attachment from the reviews, but what about on carpeting? I’m wary because it doesn’t have a “beater brush”. Of course I’d rather not spend $500 if this product is just as good as Dyson. Thanks for the help!

  14. I bought a dyson last year biggest waste of money! I am now looking for a new vac but I have 3 dogs 2 of them have long hair and seem to shed 365 days a year, a cat who gets into everything,a rabbit that throws his food and two children that seem to take after the rabbit and the cat! the only carpet that I have in my home is the stairs the rest is hard wood. I need something thats going to work on hardwood last through the dog hair and debris from the cat, rabbit and children! so will this vac last after sucking up an entire dog off the floor and numerous other bits and pieces from the rest of clan, I don’t want it to die like the Dyson did!

    • mommy23monkeys says:

      Hi Meg. I have no idea how this will hold up against a Dyson, I have never owned a Dyson. BUT, wowee on the animal fur. It might be a match for any vacuum you decide on! At least if this one dies, you won’t be out as much money. :)

      • Tina Williams says:

        I can tell you it picks up things the Dyson does not. My friend used her Dyson before I came over with my new shark to test it and the shark container was full after doing 3 rooms. She went and got her one and was upset she paid $500 for hers!!

  15. Kate Green says:

    I would really like to purchase this vacuum because I have heard great things. We are going from a all hardwood floors house to installing carpet in our whole upstairs. So, I need a vacuum that works well with both floor types. Also, I have a dog and cat who have lots of hair all over the house. I need an honest opinion if this vacuum works well on both carpet and hardwood floors.
    I am looking to purchase before Christmas! Thank you.


  17. I just got this same vacuum and am thinking about taking it back. The thing I don’t like is that I feel like I am holding it up with my arm all the time. They say it is light but it feels heavy to me especially since I have to support it constantly. Just thought I would add that tidbit.

  18. just bought the shark and it left wheel marks on my rug don’t know why have any idear how to get rid of the marks or should i just return the machine

  19. How well does this vac pick up around base boards and are you breathing in the dust when emptying the cup?..thanks

  20. I am debating purchasing either the Navigator or the Multi-vac. Sounds as if the multi-vac has a few problems. Is it easy to purchase replacement filters in Kolhs or any of the other stores? Have any of you had the Navigator or know where I could find comments about it?

  21. Tina Williams says:

    Ok so after searching long and hard for a vaccum that will last more than 3 moneths I watched the infomercial and then read all of your reviews. I went today to Target to get one and the only one they had left was the one on display, which I did not mind it was already put together and had all the pieces and books. Because target is no longer selling them I got it for 30% off and the price was $79.99 so I walked away with it for$55.99 I was doing the happy dance all the way to the truck! I came home and of course used it right away, I even cleaned before I went to get it so I could come home put it together and go but I got lucky! The only thing I do not like is the fact that you have to take the entire hand held vac off to empty the small container. It picked up so much dust I was shocked. I used my best friends Dyson 2 days ago and it picked up alot so I feel I got the right one! I then took it to my friends house who has the Dyson and used it and it picked up alot. She went to a different Target and got her one. I love my new vaccum and can’t wait to use it again!!!!

    Thanks so much!!!

  22. M. Davis says:

    I bought a multivac to help control pet hair. It does a great job of picking up everything, but it left scratch marks all over my four week old hardwood floors. There’s a ridge along the bottom of the floor nozzle that seems to be causing the scratches. After I noticed what was happening the first time I used it, I immediately stopped and called customer service. The connection was horrible and the person spoke really fast and was difficult to understand. they told me to call another number for claims/injuries and leave a message for someone to call me back. I did that, someone called me late the next day and left me a message. I called back and left a message, so it’s been difficult to get the problem resolved. I hadn’t intended to file a damage claim, I only wanted to tell them about the design problem. the person I first spoke to said they had never had anyone report that issue before.

  23. for the floor i guess it’s ok………… but………if your going to use this vac on carpet and you have dogs. Don’t buy it IT SUCKS suction power my ass i could have swept my carpet i’m sure the broom would have done a better job!

  24. Hi, I am wondering if this is mainly meant to be used on hardfloors or on carpet? I don’t understand how it could really clean my carpets without having a ‘rolling brush’… I am in desperate need of a new vacuum but do not want to waste my money! THanks!

  25. chelley says:

    Jack return it why & how much did it cost u Chelley

  26. I so lucked in and got this unit for 19.99 at Target……it was marked down 75% off from 79.99. I picked it up the last week of May.
    Anyway I have a Dyson DC14, I love my Dyson but it is no good for hardwood/tile floors. I bought this thinking it would be great for my main floor of my house which is mostly hardwood. If you have a lot of carpet this unit is not for you. It does not have a beater brush and therefore does not in my opinion give a good clean. If you have beeber carpet it would be fine. It does have a lot of suction which was impressive. I really like the fur tool thing for the stairs (it has a beater brush in it).

    I used it today for the first time and was really impressed with it for hard floors. I must say I was a little confused putting it together. I still don’t now where the crevice tool is suppose to be stored on it…lol
    It is perfect as a second vacum for my hard floors, but will be using my big upright with a beater for my carpets.

  27. Sheryl C says:

    I bought the Ultralite in November 09 . Got it for 40 dollars at Bet Bath Beyond it was on clearance and I had a coupon for 10 dollars off. I love the suction , most of my house has carpet so I do miss the lines in the carpet that would be left by a rotating brush. I also wish the recepticle was larger for the debris. I had to stick the attachments in the loop of the hose. for storage. It had to grow on me , reminds me of R2D2. but its a keeper

  28. we have previously bought one and i think it is a wonderful vacuum. It has great suction and the hand held brush worked great and thought it was great that every time you used it on the furniture that it did not get stuck or slow down. We previously had a Eureka Altima and it was a piece of junk. the belts wore out in no time, the filters didn’t catch anything, and it was loud… not to mention it was big, chunky, and many of the attachments failed, like the hand held brush. with a house filled with two dogs and a cat that shed horribly, this thing has no trouble picking it up and the five filters the air must pass through do a great job of keeping the dust from escaping. Its very quiet and lite. the only complaint is that it is a pain to empty but that’s understandable with the fact it is a multi vac.

  29. Just purchase one of these “Mother Ships” yesterday. I read the reviews after purchasing. Read the directions (which could have been clearer) and was able to be using the machine in about 20 minutes. WOW! All the good things I read in the reviews are true. Terrific suction, great ease in vacuuming, very light weight. My old vac (some Eureka crap) was a monster — it took a team of men to lift it. (Just kidding, but it was a heavy beast.) I can hardly wait to use this vac on my car. It did a swell job on my carpets and bare floors. I had no trouble learning to “steer” it at all. What a cool addition to my cleaning tools.

    The only cons are that it seems cheap — like it could easily be broken. I also don’t like that you have to totally remove the canister to empty. And the power switch could have been put in a higher spot.

    I’m looking forward to the next generation of these vacuums.

  30. Boca Lady says:

    Just bought this tonite from Ross For Less, $30, probably was a prior return as it was partially assembled and is likely being discontinued by manufacturer to be sold there. I believe Tuesday Morning also sold this model for about $40- $50. I originally thought piece was missing but it was already attached (air dam). I agree with most of what was written above, the first 10 minutes was figuring out how to keep the canister on, then taping the hose mounting plate parts together. With no expectations on carpeting after reading the other reviews, I was amazed what it did pick up so easily. Especially kitty litter and hard food morsels. And, when trying to pick up tracked kitty litter in the bathroom, it did so quickly and completely without spitting it out in all directions (and I had a big pile, sucked up quicker than I could get a wisk broom). It was a pleasure maneuvering it around the corners and furniture. So lightweight and nimble.

    Only big drawback is disassembling the unit to empty bin. Perhaps this will get much quicker through time, getting used to connections.

    Used canister only with pet brush briefly. Did very well, but cannot imagine cleaning wall to wall rugs this way. Would like to see if I can get used to canister cleaning to get rid of the less powerful dustbusters.

    This will now be my everyday and beyond vac (I have mostly tile), and will supplement the thicker rugs in the bedrooms with Hoover Windtunnel to get deeper clean.

  31. We have six teen boys, three cats and three dogs. My husband brought this vacuum home and said give this a try. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on hardwood floors, carpeted floors, any floor!! It gets ALL the pethair from everywhere!! I have never been so excited about a vacuum EVER! I love this product. I give it a nine out of ten. (I don’t care for the tippiness of the upright.)

  32. I came across this vacuum at my local Tuesday Morning on sale for $49.00. Before buying it, I stumbled across this website and read the reviews. The one thing no one seemed to mention was how well it picked up pet hair, using the attachment, which is what I wanted it for. I wound up buying it, and I have to say, it is amazing! I had no trouble putting it together or converting it into its various configurations. There is absolutely nothing about this machine that I do not love! It works great on hard floors, ok on carpet (but I use my standard upright for this), and it is totally AMAZING at picking up pet hair off of furniture! I would recommend this machine to anyone looking for something with incredible suction that works better than anything else on bare floors and getting pet hair off furniture, beds, etc.

  33. could someone please tell me how to get an owners manual and instructions. I just bought my shark multi vac and took the floor model because they were out of them. stupid huh ? anyway I don’t even know if I have all the parts and after getting it home I was stumped. Please help


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