Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

I’m only 13 weeks along today with Shannon & Mikes baby, but s/he is already doing it’s happy baby dance in my belly.  It’s very exciting!

I was on my surrogate message board a couple weeks ago and was reading how some of the girls were reporting movement.  I literally rolled my eyes and thought, “what weirdos, it’s WAY to early to feel a baby.”  These girls were a bit further along than I was at the time…maybe 12-14 weeks (I was at 10ish).

I was wrong!

I have been feeling movement for about a week now.  Mostly little thumps and wiggles.  It doesn’t feel like “butterflies” like the pregnancy books say.  At least not to me.  It feels more like one of my 3 year olds gently tickling me with their tiny fingers, but from the inside.

It’s unmistakable.

I guess when you are on your 3rd pregnancy and 7th baby, you get better at detecting it.

Our next doctor appointment is on November 24th and they said to expect the big ultrasound on December 17th.  I am excited because Shannon and Mike will be down for Thanksgiving and will be able to attend the appointment with me.  We always have a great time together, I am very lucky to have found them.

When did you start to feel your babies move?  I remember being at Mr. A’s 20 week ultrasound and telling the doctor I had never felt him kick!  What a difference between the first and last pregnancy, huh?