Sorry, there is a little story to go with this, so it’s not completely “wordless.”  Hope you don’t mind.

Anyhow, Mr. A. has not been real thrilled with his baseball playing experience this year.  He is easily discouraged and has wanted to give up several times.  I see him struggling and am always surprised;  I just kinda figured this tall, strapping, bright young man would be naturally athletic.

He’s not.

So this week, when his coach awarded him the Game Ball after Sunday’s game, we were both extremely proud.

He just grinned ear to ear.  I felt bad because I wasn’t even paying attention…it was the last thing I expected.  So I asked him to tell me what the coach had said.  He told me:  “I got this ball for playing real good today and hitting the ball and stuff like that.”

Spoken like a true Hall of Famer.