beautifulwordsI’m overweight and misshapen from delivering 6 babies in 3 years (due with a 7th).  I don’t have the time or energy to put on make up or blow dry my hair on a daily basis.  I have about 3 half way decent shirts that are fit to wear into public.  I spend my days breaking up fights and doling out minutes on an egg timer so that everyone gets their turn on the Wii.  My kids reward me by giving me the boogers off the tips of their fingers.

But, I am a good person and that makes me beautiful!

beautywordsI am a surrogate and I help parents realize the beauty of their own children.

I am a mother who loves her children more than the World.

I don’t think it’s the 6 foot model with no heart.  I don’t think it’s thousands of dollars spent on plastic surgery.  I don’t think it’s money in the bank account.

It’s being beautiful on the inside.  Content with yourself.  Happy.  Good.

The boogers are just a bonus.

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