A few weeks ago I was talking about Bobo’s terrible spider nightmares.  They were frightening and it broke my heart to send him to bed each night in fear.  At bedtime he starts whining and telling me “I’m not tired.”  He used to go to bed the easiest of all three, but it wasn’t like that anymore.  On that post, someone mentioned using a special “Monster Repellent” to help him overcome and deal with his fears.

I found some.

And, it works!

Fairytale Wishes, Inc. was developed by mompreneur, Debbie Glickman.  Debbie has created a fantastic line of magical aromatherapy sprays designed to empower children to overcome common childhood anxieties.  They were awesome enough to send me some “Monster Repellent” to try out with Bobo.


Bobo’s Monster Repellent came wrapped up special with a personalized letter from Freddy the Magical Frog.  It tells the story of how monsters (and spiders, too) are very afraid of bubble gum.  Apparently, bubble gum gets stuck in their fur and fangs and it’s a HUGE mess.  So even the smell of it makes them turn and run.


We have spent the past week spraying down the boys’ bedroom at bedtime.  You can actually see the magic in the bottle (it sparkles)!  I put the spray in the kids’ bathroom and every night Bobo grabs the bottle and sprays the magic under his bed.  The only thing that I wish was different was the spray bottle…the pump bottle is a little hard for little fingers to manage.  But I just help him out and he’s happy that he has “magic” on his fingers when he’s done.  Not really a big deal.

One of my favorite things about children in general is their belief in magic and extremely vivid imaginations.  This is just one way to tap into that imagination and make it work in your favor rather than against you.

Fairytale Wishes has more than just Monster Repellent available on their website.  The sprays sell for $10.00 and each come with personalized “Fairy Tale”  letters.  Very cute and sweet!

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