I have a high(er) traffic blog (really, I do.  It surprising to even me).  I have lots of friends and get decent comments.  I have my lovely loyal subscribers that never fail to make me smile.  I am happy with how my little blog is doing.

So why do I put so much stock into my stupid Google Page Rank??

Google doesn’t even put much stock into it.

Yet I, along with thousands of other bloggers, am OBSESSED.

I spent months at zero.  Months.  I was getting twenty thousand unique visitors per month and I was a big fat zero.  I was so upset about it.  PR and media folk are told to look at it.  So when you are at zero, you miss out on a lot of good opportunities…so I thought.  Then one day, I went up to a THREE.  A three!?  YAY me!

I felt validated.  Like all my hard work was paying off.  The Google Gods noticed me.

“All Praise the Google Gods!”

I saw my other friends that had spent months at a PR5 go down to zero and ones.  Everyone said “it doesn’t matter.”  Yet I was SO happy to be a three.  I just read quietly so as to not make them feel bad all the while I was wondering…what did I do right that they did wrong?

The answer:  Absolutely NOTHING.

The Google Gods were just not smiling on them at the time.

Google is fickle.

Google sucks.

Just today, I started at 3.  Went to 0.  After a while I landed at 2.

What the hell, GOOGLE?!

So I am done with Google.  DONE.  I am removing the little page rank plug in that tells me my magic number.  No longer will I check my rank and compare myself to others.  I will not watch as my numbers dance around all day long keeping my stomach in knots wondering where it will land.  I will remove my PR button from my media page.  I do not care what my rank is anymore.

I am a good blogger.  I have wonderful friends and awesome company’s to work with.


Stupid Google.