My twins are completely opposite in every way.  From what they eat, how they look, their personalities and senses of humor.  But one thing I can count on being the same, is that they (almost) always play well together.  I don’t know if it’s a “twin thing” or what.  But I get complimented all the time about how well they get along.

They will play a two player Wii game for an hour and never argue about who’s doing what wrong.

They will play pretend with their “persons” and never scuffle.

They will run around outside on the playground or their bikes and I won’t hear from them for hours (I have to secretly check on them).

Planes, trains and automobiles hardly ever hear an argument from them.

Now don’t get me wrong…they do have their squabbles and usually fists go flying, but it doesn’t happen very often.

Then, enter their big brother.

Mr. A. comes along and suddenly there is conflict.  Bobo mostly keeps to himself, so it’s Mr. A. and Naynay that are doing most of the fighting.  Mr. A. is very controlling.  So he is bossing and yelling at his smaller brother.  There are fights and screaming and it’s enough to drive a mommy batty.

I’ve said since the day the twins were born…the two of them together have always been easier than just one of Mr. A.

Mr. A. is intense and loud and wild.

The little people are laid back and mellow (notice I didn’t say “quiet?”)

I dread my kindergartner coming home from school because things always get tense.  They dynamics always change so much.

I kind of feel bad for the older brother.  I think he feels left out sometimes when the little brothers are playing so nicely and I can tell he just wants to join in.  The little people speak their own silent “twin” language or something.  They can effectively shut out big brother and he in turn gets angry and loud and the tension comes back.

Maybe it’s something that will balance out as they all get older.  I’m sure the twins will always have their thing.  I just hope Mr. A. gets to be a part of it someday.