We got home yesterday afternoon from a beautiful weekend in the California Desert.  I think it was high 70’s during the day and low 40’s at night.  Which was pretty darn cold when you are in a tent!  But it was certainly bearable considering we have been out there in colder weather.

We also broke in a new tent since our last one was destroyed in a wind storm last season.  This tent was awesome!  It was an Ozark brand and I picked it up at Walmart for $120 bucks and it was HUGE.  Too big even for our little tent heater to do much good.  But it was nice to have a big tent that we could all fit in without walking all over each other.  You should of seen us trying to set it up for the first time in the dark.  Fun times.

The little people got to go on their first ride.  My Uncle Alan took them for a short spin in his Razor and they came back grinning ear to ear.  I wasn’t sure if they would like it because every time someone fired up a quad they would say it was “too loud!”  They ended up enjoying it very much.  NayNay even went out on a longer “real” ride the next day with his Grandpa.  BoBo didn’t go on that one because he was “done camping” and wanted to go home.  Typical.

We had no major catastrophes with my boys.  Everyone had a wonderful time and the boys were good as gold.  A friend of ours, however, was not so lucky.  He was out on the quads when he flipped over.  Cody ended up with a broken collar bone, bruised lung and torn leg muscle.  Lucky for him, he was riding with my paramedic cousin who patched him up and got him back to camp.  From there his parents took him to the hospital.  He will be fine, he’s a tough kid.

Of course, I have a TON of pictures.  I’ve got them posted as a gallery since there are so many.  Feel free to click on them to make them bigger.

Mr. A. Geared Up

Nay and Daddy

Getting Ready to go with Uncle

NayNay's Ride with Grandpa

I think we’ll be going out again in January.  I really hope to have a trailer soon so we don’t have to freeze our butts off on the cold ground.  That’s the only thing that sucks, the lack of sleep.  Oh well, now to try and catch up around here.  I have a TON of stuff to get posted.  Wee!