I want to say first, that I appreciate SO much the people who come and visit me and enter my giveaways.  The giveaways are fun and provide a small reward for you for putting up with my nonsense.  But I’ve developed a little bit of a pet peeve and I need to tell you about it.

In my giveaways, usually for an extra entry (or three), I ask that you blog about the giveaway on your own blog.  The purpose of this is to give extra exposure to the sponsoring company and a little bit of linky love exposure for me.  I let my readers get three extra entries for putting in the effort of writing up a blog post.

I had a reader enter one of my contests today with extra blog entries.  I followed the link to their blog and found a HUGE post full of this:


This isn’t even the whole post.  The “blog” about my giveaway is there, highlighted in green.

Let me say, copy and pasting a Twitter TWEET is NOT blogging.   It does not constitute “blogging about the giveaway.”  It’s just a lazy way of gaining extra entries to a contest.  This also does not follow the rule of linking to me AND my sponsor.  I don’t know how the other contest sites feel about being lumped together with a TON of “re-tweets” and one line “blogs,” but I sure don’t think it’s cool.  It completely defeats the purpose and takes away from the bloggers actually trying to win by following the rules by creating mutually beneficial blog content for their readers.

Additionally, “blogs” that just say something like “go enter this contest at mommy23monkeys to win a diamond ring,” don’t count either.

From now on, I will be sure to follow the links to those claiming to have “blogged” about a contest.  If it’s not a “real” post following the guidelines of linking to me and the sponsor, the entries will be deleted.  If I have to get real specific and put a word count requirement on it, I will.  I’ve been doing this long enough now to not fall for the fakers.