holidayblitzbannerDo you plan on shopping this Friday?  I went for the first time last year and had a BLAST but this Friday, I will be slightly poorer, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do.  I do know, however that I will be at the Sam’s Club Holiday Blitz!  I mean, they are serving complimentary breakfast…why would I not want to go?

I am here to give you a teeny tiny peek at some of the amazing deals that will be available in stores on Friday beginning at 5am (OR online at 10pm Thanksgiving night!).

wiisaleHOLY COW!  Did I ever tell you the story about how 2 years ago I paid $750.00 dollars on our Wii??!!  Yep, SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS people.  I had a temporary lapse in judgment and sanity.  It was one of those “must have” holiday items and I paid out the nose for it.  Well, lucky for you, Sam’s Club will be having a steal of a deal on this Wii Family Bundle pack.  You’ll pay half as much, and get twice as many options as I did.  You’ll be so much smarter than I was.

diamondsDIAMONDS!  Need I say more?  Bob?  Are you reading…?  I haven’t really asked for anything specific yet…Absolutely gorgeous and what a great price.

So there is a TINY peek.  Watch this week for some more early deals and steals that you will be able to get your hands on.

Who’s ready to shop?