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I’m so excited to go shopping on Friday!!  I will definitely be at Sam’s Club in Vista, CA if anyone wants to meet up for breakfast.  I’ll buy (haha).  I’m not really on the hunt for anything specific since I’ve gotten all the “big” stuff.  I am hoping that I find a deal on a Nintendo DSi or at least a deal on some games.

What are you on the hunt for?  Or are you a smart one staying home on Friday (…BOR-ing!)?

In order to celebrate the kick off of the holiday shopping season, I thought I would do a little giveaway to put you into the shopping spirit.  Up for grabs:  $100 Sam’s Club Gift Card!  WOOT!

Mandatory Entry

This is a 2 part entry, and both parts must be completed first.  Please leave just one comment though with both parts so I don’t get confused.

  1. Visit the Holiday Helper section of the Sam’s Club Holiday microsite.  There you will find several informational videos to help with the holidays.  Pick any video to watch and then LEAVE A COMMENT on the video post.  Just tell me which video it was so we can check it out.
  2. TWEET.  What would a live giveaway be without a tweet involved?

Kick off the shopping season with a $100 @samsclub gift card!  LIVE giveaway happening now! #samsholidays

After you complete BOTH mandatory entries (leave just one comment including both entries) you may chat among yourselves.  Please keep on topic of Sam’s Club, the Sam’s Club Holiday Blitz, black Friday shopping, holidays in general, etc.  Comments must be real sentences and not repetitive (no – “pick me,” “pick me,” over and over again etc.).

Comment number 500 WINS!

Don’t worry if your comment goes into moderation.  I will be checking in and approving.  They stay in the que in the order received, so even if it goes to moderation, you will not lose your place.