I know I am like a week late for posting this, but Thanksgiving day this year was awesome!  We had a much smaller group at our house than what we usually do.  Only 15.  The weather was a beautiful 80 degrees and breezy in the morning but that died out right around dinner time.  It was perfect for enjoying our family outdoors.

Me and my mom do all the cooking.  Well, she does most of it.  This year my back was killing me (I think this baby is sitting somewhere she’s not supposed to), so I was limited in what I could get done.  I made a few deserts the night before, but on Tday I had to hand over the mashed potato making to my mom.  We always have a great time together in the kitchen doing the meal together.

I have lots of pictures so here goes…

I have no idea how I didn’t get any pictures of the twins, or my mom.  I thought I had one of my dad peeling potatoes…not sure what happened to that.  I would normally blame it on the booze, but I wasn’t drinking this year.  I must have been too busy visiting.  🙂

How was your Thanksgiving?  Any drama?  We were happily drama free this year.  Other than my dad dropping half the turkey onto the ground, but it was unavoidable.  My mom had a 30 pound turkey (no, that’s not a typo) and it was heavy to lift.  Anyone would have dropped that sucker.