There was a topic the other day in the momdot forums talking about books.  The question was “what good books have you read lately?”  The thread went on for several pages with everyone chiming in about their favorite books and authors.  I even added mine:  All the Twilight books and the old Ann Rice stuff.

It was reading this thread that I realized something.  I don’t read much anymore.

The funny thing is, I like to read.

So why don’t I?

I think it’s just the cost involved, the time that it takes to go to a book store and pick something out.  With three boys in tow I don’t usually have enough sense to pay attention and actually pick out a good book.  I’m too busy referring and calling them back from their wandering adventures.  I don’t have a lot of alone time to go peacefully perusing the Barns & Nobel, even though I would love to.  Also, what do you do with all these books when you are done reading?  I have never been one to read a book more than once.  Ever.  So I have shelves of old books that I don’t want to part with, but I don’t really like dusting them either.

So I started asking around about Amazon’s Kindle Wireless Reading Device or the soon to be released Nook from Barns & Nobel.

Both are very cool electronic book reading options with out the left over books to dust.

Only problem is that they aren’t cheap.  Each will cost you about $250 bucks (give or take).

Then someone mentioned that you could get Kindle on your iPhone.


I already have an iPhone, so I went to my ap store and downloaded the FREE ap to check out.

I’m not sure if I’m going to like the small paragraph by paragraph reading and I’m not sure how it will work with the battery.  My iPhone doesn’t seem to hold a charge for a long time and what if I’m out and in the middle of a great book and I have to put it down because my battery is dying?  That would be annoying.  But I’m going to try it and I’m pretty excited about it.

Now my problem…What book to read?

I have spent 2 days browsing the available books and have no idea where to start.  Should I read a classic?  Something from the NY Best Sellers List?  Oprah’s book club?  There are too many to pick, something like 360,000 books to choose from!

So recommend something to me.  I want to know what to pick first.  I would really appreciate your help!  I don’t want to spend $9.99 on a book and hate it.