This is my very favorite word during the holiday season.  I got hooked on it when I first watched The Polar Express.  It’s such a simple message.

Believe in Magic.

Believe in Goodness.

Believe in God.

Believe in Christmas.

Believe in Santa Claus.

So why is it so horrible to let, or worse, encourage children to believe in Santa?

I have a friend (who shall remain nameless…unless she reads and wants a debate) who went off on a rant with her Facebook status.  She was posting about how awful it was that we teach our children to care about an isolated old man who lives in the arctic and sneaks into peoples homes in the middle of the night.  She actually compared Santa to a pedophile!  She then commented about how she thought “lying to kids for the sake of lying was creepy and mean.”


Are you kidding me??

Oh, my friend.  It’s not creepy and mean.  It’s called magic and make believe!

Innocence and imagination is the one thing that only children have..  They grow up and that goes away.



Like magic.

So why is it so terrible to let them believe in magic?  Why can’t I give my children this amazingly fun and wonderful experience that is theirs alone?  What is so mean about that?  They will come to the realization that magic and Santa Claus is not real soon enough.

I remember being 10 (or maybe 11) years old when I learned the “truth.”  Did I think my parents were horrible lying sacks of crap?  Did I think they were mean and creepy for shoving Santa Claus down my throat and making me believe in “nonsense.”


I was worried that if my mom found out that I knew, then Christmas would be over.  I didn’t want the magic to end.  So then I played along and I don’t think I told my mom that I knew until I was an adult.  Knowing the “truth” never made Christmas less wonderful.  And knowing about Santa Claus never took away from Christmas being the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ either.

I was not ruined.

I was not lied to.

I was taught that magic exists.

And I still Believe.