I had ideas of posting pictures of our Star Trek Christmas Tree today.  I even had them all edited and ready to go.  But a child died yesterday and now my tree seems so insignificant.  Instead, a whole lot of Shellie’s friends and supporters lit a candle today to remember little Bryson, and this will be my Wednesday post.

I gathered my boys around our table and explained to them what happened.  The twins didn’t really “get it.”  They are young.  But Anthony started asking questions.  “Why and How?”  As best I could I explained what happened.  He was sad for the little boy he would never know.  He said a little prayer; “I’m sorry Bryson had to die, but I hope he is having fun with Jesus.  Amen”

I don’t usually have a linky for Wordless Wednesday’s, but if you have a special post for Shellie and Bryson, then please link up.  This is a community linky and you can blog hop and everyone (should) have the same links.