Here is our family’s Christmas Tree!  It is a 7 foot Nobel Fir.  We got it at the Home Depot this year for only $40.00!  I thought that was pretty good.

Me and the little monkeys had such a nice time decorating it.  They were all very excited and Bobo was SO proud of himself when he was able to successfully get an ornament to stay on a branch.  Anthony was a huge help, getting the stool out of their bathroom so he could reach higher to the ornaments weren’t “all bunched up.”

When I was a kid (heck, even as an adult), my mom would always move around the ornaments after me and my brother were done decorating.  She is self admitted OCD and it would drive her crazy if the ornaments weren’t just right.  So this year, as much as I wanted to move around decorations, I didn’t.  I left all the ornaments as they ended up.  Even if they are all at the 3 foot level.

This year also marked a first for us.  TWO Christmas Trees!  FUN!

I wanted to have two.  I don’t know why.  I just did.  One year before children, when me and Bob lived in a tiny little house, we had a tiny little tree.  Since all my decorations would not fit, I decided to do my first “theme” tree.  I used all of Bob’s Star Trek decorations that he had collected over the years.  That little tree ended up being one of my favorites.  It was so fun!

So this year, when I wanted two trees, I just told Bob it was because I wanted another Star Trek tree.  TeeHee!  I knew it would be the only way Mr. Grinch himself would agree.  And he did.

I found the perfect little potted “tree” (I think it’s actually a type of house plant) at Sam’s Club.  It was only $16.00 bucks.  Here are the pictures of the tree, along with some close ups of some of Bob’s cool ornaments.

I can’t believe I used the word “cool” to describe Star Trek…

I know, it’s kinda funny that I have more pictures of my Star Trek tree than I do of my “really really really big tree” (as NayNay calls it).  Oh well.  What can I say?  I’m a closet Star Trek person…fan…trekkie…?