The night before last, I was making a frozen pizza for the boys for dinner.  Anthony had been pissing and moaning about how he didn’t even want pizza, he wanted chicken nuggets.  But I really don’t want to get into the habit of preparing 3 different dinners, ya know?  So I went about my business turning on the oven and cleaning up while the pizza baked.

A bit later, Anthony comes in and all guilty looking says:  “I’m really sorry, mommy.  But I called and ordered a pizza.”

I was like, What are you talking about?

I really didn’t believe him at all and only wondered who he had unfortunately, accidentally dialed.

“Bring the phone to me, please.”

He walks in, still apologizing up and down, carrying my iPhone.  I immediately went into the call history to see who he had accidentally called and sure enough, there was the number to Domino’s Pizza.


I redialed the number and after listening to 3 minutes of advertising a nice kid came on the phone.

I asked:  “Do you know if a little kid called about 5 minutes ago and ordered a pizza?”

Him:  “Let me check, is your number ###-###-####?”

Me:  “yep”

Him:  “What’s the name?”

Me:  “Anthony?”

Him:  “Oh, yeah, we have a medium pepperoni pizza here ready for pick up.”


It took every ounce of energy in my body to keep from busting a gut right then and there.  I explained to the kid on the phone that I was sorry and that my 5 year old son had called and ordered that pizza.  I asked if I was required to come down and pay for it.  The boy was really nice and laughed.  He told me “not to worry about it.”

Thank God.

It took me a while to even figure out how to bring up my keypad on my iPhone.  There are a couple of steps to go through before it comes up.  It’s not right on the front page as in other phones.  Tell me, how did a 5yo manage to get the phone number off the fridge (it’s a magnet) take it in the other room, and dial on my iPhone?  He even knew to wait for the advertising recording.

And, WHY WHY WHY did the guy at Domino’s Pizza take an order from an obvious child??

The whole thing had me laughing my butt off.  But on the inside.  Because I surely couldn’t laugh in front of Anthony and have him suspect for one second that this was funny.  Nope.  I held it together.