So Bob walked out to the living room and asked me how my stomach was.  Pregnant = lots of barfing and queasiness.

I told him it was “okay, why?”

He then put a bug in the palm of my hand.

It took me a second and then I said “why did you just put a bug in my hand?”

He replied, “Because that’s what just came out of my jelly.”


I bought a jar of Tropical Brand Jelly at my local Albertson’s supermarket.  The same as I do all the time.  Today Bob slathered it onto his homemade sourdough toast and was a happy boy.  Until he felt something to big to be a seed rattle against his teeth.  He thought he broke a tooth.  When he spit it out, he found a little buggy friend.


I am so lucky this bug wasn’t in MY mouth.  I would have lost it.  His stomach is a lot stronger than mine.  Still, he isn’t a very happy boy anymore.

Now, I know you may say something about how canning, jarring type food companies have an acceptable amount of bug parts allowed to go through.  But that does not make us feel any better.  This wasn’t a small fraction of a bug leg that would have been missed and eaten without ever knowing (still, *GAG*).  But this was an entire bug.  It doesn’t get any grosser than that.

And, now that I’ve actually read the FDA report, I may never eat again.

Excuse me while I rush to the bathroom….

Read here about the response we got from the company!