I am SO excited to start this year off with a CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY!


Chocomize is the new chocolate store on the net.  But they don’t really make the chocolate.  You do.

Chocomize is owned and operated by three college graduates with a chocolate passion.  I love their story on how it all began:

The first chocomize bar was created by accident. After a long stressful day in June, we decided to visit our favorite candy shop to satisfy our craving for sweets. We filled a bag with lots of chocolate, nuts, and candy, ate half of it and left the rest in the car. The next day we were surprised to find a bag full of melted chocolate, nuts, and candy. We put our bag in the refrigerator to try and salvage what we thought was our long lost candy. Little did we know how great gummy bears, cashews, and pretzels would taste in chocolate. Thus the idea of Chocomize was born.

The concept is really pretty simple.  You pick out your base chocolate (milk, dark or white) and then you dress it up with up to 5 different ingredients.  Their ingredients range from candy and nuts to the more exotic sugared rose petals and 23 karat gold!   There are literally 100’s of thousands of unique combination’s to meet your cravings.

Butterscotch, pretzels, edamame, pecans, salt, peppercorns, mini chipotles, marshmallows, etc etc.  The list goes on and on!  How creative can you be?  How daring?

Chocomize is the perfect idea for gifts, or special occasion chocolate.  They do wedding favors and corporate gifts.  Chocomize even donates a portion of every order to charity!  Chocolate and charity is a great combo if you ask me.

My family was super fortunate to get to try the process out for ourselves.

I have very boring candy tastes.  I don’t really do nuts, or exotic fruits.  I like basic milk chocolate and candy without any “fluff.”  So it was actually hard for me to create a chocolate bar that seemed worthy of a review.  I felt so boring!  But I decided on this:  Milk chocolate with chocolate candies (M&M’s), peanut butter chips and pretzels.

OMGosh!  Heaven!  I had every intention of sharing this chocolate bar with my family.  They are HUGE.  But I was at home alone and wanted to try it, so I busted it out.  I took a bite.

It was creamy and delicious.  The milk chocolate was very rich and so good.  Not at all what I expected.  I guess I kinda expected it to be more of a “gimmick” made with cheap chocolate…but I was very wrong.  Chocomize takes their chocolate seriously.

I ate the entire bar…in one sitting.  *blush*

I couldn’t stop.  It was so good and I didn’t have any kids begging for bites.  I just sat and enjoyed it all at once.  And then I was sad because it was gone.  And sick to my stomach.  It was a lot of candy.

Bob’s bar was a little more adventurous.  He chose dark chocolate, macadamia nuts, whole almonds, and coffee beans.  He had a lot more self control and ate his bar over a few days.  But he did hide it in his office and did not share it with anyone.  He was also surprised by just how good the dark chocolate was.  Not bitter, very delicious.

Leave it to the boys to get crazy!  I had Anthony pick what he wanted on his chocolate.  He chose a dark chocolate bar with mango dices, pop rocks, gummie bears, candy Christmas tree’s and cheerios.

Didn’t exactly sound very good to me.  But the kids devoured it!  I actually snuck a piece while the kids were eating it and I have to say, it was pretty darn good.  Dark chocolate and gummie bears is a good combo.

So this family’s opinion is that Chocomize Rocks!  It was really fun to create our own bar.  That in itself would make a cool website.  But the fact that the chocolate and the ingredients are top notch, high quality goodness…well, that makes it even better.  I would definitely buy from this company, and I’m already planning my Valentine’s Day gifts.  🙂

Woot!  I get to give some chocolate away.  One lucky monkey reader will win $40.00 to go crazy at Chocomize.com.

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