Remember yesterday where I mentioned a disgusting bug in Bob’s Jelly?  Well, today, we got a response from the company’s president.  A really nice, and fast response.

In my email box this morning was an email from Ronald Randall, president of the Tropical Preserving Company.  It was short, and seemed urgent.  He wanted a phone call right away and he wanted the serial number from inside the jar of preserves.

At first, I was a little put off by the email.  It was in all caps (I guess not everyone is as web savvy as me *cough*) and there was not even one mention of an apology.  Just a request for a code number so he could find out the processor.  Then when Bob called the president, he was put through to voice mail.

We wondered if we would hear from them again.  Bob left the requested number and also our phone number so he could call back if he wanted.

Mr. Randall called back and immediately began apologizing to Bob.  He did explain a bit on how the process works.  He said he wasn’t trying to make an excuse for the bug, but wanted him to know that they take a LOT of measures to try and prevent this from happening.  Apparently, these little beetles love Raspberries and they burrow down inside the berry.  With all the washing and rewashing that they do, they are unable to get them all.  And because the bugs look very similar to a raspberry, they aren’t always caught on a visual exam either.

Well, it still sucks.  But I guess with today’s mass production of foods in this country, what can you expect?  You can only do so much.  I feel that the people at Tropical try their best.  that’s all we can ask.

They are sending Bob some coupons for some new jars of preserves.  He said he thinks he’s gonna stick to jelly for a while so he’ll have a better visual of what’s inside.  I think I am done with jarred fruit of any kind for a while.  This preggo brain and belly can’t take it.

Thank you Tropical Preserving Company for caring enough to give us your time.  It’s appreciated.