Back before Christmas, I told you all a little story about how Anthony called in and ordered a pizza from Domino’s.  Remember?  If you haven’t read it, you should.  It’s funny.  I had every intention of telling you about the story only because it was funny to me and because it showed not to underestimate the brilliance of a 5 year old.  Little did I know, that I would actually get a response from Domino’s.

Hi Rhea!

My name is Sean C. and I work with Domino’s pizza on helping to get the buzz out about their product news and announcements. When I came across your story about Anthony ordering the pizza, I wanted to make sure he still got his Domino’s pizza. 🙂

Additionally, as you may (or may not) have heard, Domino’s just released the news about their brand new pizza recipe. So if you try out the pizza and like enough to share with your readers, we’d be thrilled! If not, we’re just happy that Anthony got his pizza.

Is that the nicest thing or what??

But now, I had a dilemma.  I was trying to teach Anthony that it was not okay to call up and order pizza’s on his own.  And now the nice people at Domino’s wanted to give him pizza anyways.  Thanks A  LOT.  lol!

I should have just ordered a pizza one night and never told him that he got a letter.  But I’m not good at that.  I explained that Domino’s was sending him money for a pizza because they thought he was cute and smart and since he wanted pizza, they were gonna go ahead and let him have it.

Against my better judgement.


This family loves Domino’s Pizza.  It’s why the magnet with their phone number is on my fridge.  We order pizza from there two or three times a month.  I’ve always found their prices to be reasonable and they are always very generous with their toppings.  It just so happened that in the middle of all this excitement, Domino’s changed their recipe.

It seems that after 50 years of making pizza, they decided to change it up.  Here is what’s changed:

  • The Crust – A garlic seasoned crust with parsley baked to a golden brown.
  • The Sauce – Sweeter, bolder tomato sauce with a medley of herbs and a red pepper kick.
  • The Cheese – Shredded cheese made with 100% real mozzarella and flavored with just a hint of provolone.


I could definitely taste the garlic in the crust.  As an Italian who is used to putting lots of garlic in things, I loved it!  It was bold and had a lot of flavor.  As always, there was a ton of pepperoni and the cheese and sauce were really delicious.  I could really taste the change and the whole family really enjoyed it.  Especially Anthony.

Right now Domino’s is running a special introductory price on their new pizzas and you can get 2 medium, 2 topping pizzas for only $5.99 a piece.

I think we might even order some pizzas for dinner tonight.  At that price you can’t go wrong!  OMGosh, especially if you have teenagers!  I’ve told my husband we’re gonna have to order a pizza for each boy in just a few more short years.  Right now they will eat 2-3 pieces.  Each.

Sorry, got off topic.

Anyhow, if you love pizza, you really ought to give the new Domino’s recipe a try.  If you like garlic and herbs and all that goodness, you can’t go wrong.  And it’s a great price to feed a family.

Guess what?  The people at Domino’s Pizza are SO nice, they are offering one of my readers a $20.00 gift card to try the new recipe out for themselves.  You can thank Anthony for that, too.

First Mandatory Entry

I just want to know what your favorite pizza topping is, or what combination of toppings you love.  I’ve always been a pepperoni and mushroom gal and am glad my boys like it, too.  But pepperoni and pinapple is also very good.  Just nobody in my family will ever let me order it.  *sigh*

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FTC Disclosure:  In case it wasn’t clear, I received a free pizza from Domino’s.  I wasn’t even required to write about it either but because I love them, I did.  The giveaway was just a bonus because they love me, too.