I really do believe the boys have finally driven me insane.  I mean, why else would I even be contemplating this?

And by “this,” I mean going “no-poo.”

What is “no-poo” you ask?  Well, basically, I don’t wash my hair anymore.  At least not with shampoo.

“But, Rhea, you’ve really lost your ever lovin’ mind!!”



You see that picture up there?  Those are the two main shelves in my bathroom.  They are full of hair products:  Shampoo, conditioner, gel, styling aids.  Shampoo for dry hair, for greasy hair, for red hair.  Gels for curls, serums to go straight.  It’s really out of control.  And what do I have for all of my money, time and effort?

Nappy, dry, and split ended hair.

It’s not pretty.

So I started reading up on the no-poo way of hair care.  From what I have learned, it’s really great for your hair.  All the shampoo and stuff that we use actually strips our hair of it’s natural oil and luster.  Then it’s dry and we use more products.  More products does more damage.  It’s a terrible cycle.

When you stop using shampoo, your hair goes through an adjustment period (I hear it’s not always pretty). While your head relearns how to produce the correct amount of oil, it can get a little crazy.  But after a few weeks of sticking to it, your hair will balance out and then TA-DA!  Gorgeous Hair!

At least, I hope.

So I’m going to do this little experiment.  I haven’t even told Bob yet because he’ll just laugh and shake his head at me.  I have no idea how long I’ll last.  But I am really curious to see if this works and if it can help my hair.  Has anyone else ever done this??  If you are a no-poo gal (or guy) tell me what to expect.  I’ll keep you posted!