I made it through one whole week of my No-Poo experiment.  YAY me!

Honestly, it wasn’t that hard.  My hair didn’t freak out.  I don’t even think it got overly greasy.  Now on Friday my mom did mention that my hair looked a little “nappy.”

Thanks, mom.

But I think it has a lot more to do with my horrible color right now than my actual non pooed hair.  It needs a color job BAD.

Anyhow, the week went well.  Two days I used a baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse.  Basically, 2 spoonful’s of baking soda in a coffee cup and then filled that with water.  I just dumped it over my head and scrubbed the roots lightly.  Did you know that baking soda is very salty?  Yeah, I didn’t know that.  Then, I did the same thing with the apple cider vinegar.  2 spoonful’s in a coffee cup topped off with some water.  I dumped that on and actually left it on while I finished bathing.

Very simple.

Aside form the bad color (hopefully I can fix that this week so I don’t have to bore you with it anymore), I think my hair looks okay.  Like I said, not overly greasy and not itchy either.  It’s actually pretty soft since I haven’t been coating it with sticky gels.  I am surprised at how easy it is to get a comb through since I could never comb it before without added conditioners.

So far so good!  I’ll check back next week.