Bob started a game with the twins and making their belly button’s “talk.”  NayNay liked it the best, BoBo was to ticklish to get  a serious conversation going on.  But for two days they had belly button discussions with each other.  That by itself was pretty funny.

The other night I got them out of their bath.  I was in the living room gathering up pajamas and pull ups for the night when two very silly boys came around the corner.  They were each holding the end of their penis and was making them “talk.”

Naynay:  “wah wah wah blah blah blah….look mommy!  My penis is talking!!”

Bobo:  “hello, my name is penis.  What’s your name?”

Naynay:  “hahahaha, hello penis!”

Bobo:  “My penis is talking!”

They were holding the ends and opening and closing it’s “lips” to speak.

I just started laughing.  “oh , that’s great.  I’m glad your penis can talk.  Now come over here and put this pull up on.”

NayNay:  “But my penis can’t talk with a pull up on.”

Me:  “Then say ‘good bye’ to your penis.”

NayNay:  “good bye!  Night night Penis!”

I managed to get Nay dressed despite all the giggling.

Then the routine was repeated with Bobo.

Soon after I sent a text to Bob letting him know what he had started.  He only replied “I wonder how long until they’re saying ‘my penis has a light saber’ or ‘my penis is a Jedi.'”


Probably not long.