You go outside to check on the twins playing and one runs up and exclaims:   “Mommy, we’re playing two players!”

Everything is a “level.”

  • We go to pick up big brother from school:  “this is the car level”
  • Eating lunch:  “this is the lunch level”
  • Running around signing the Darth Vader theme music…you guessed it…”we’re playing the Darth Vader level!”

“Mommy, can we play the Wii?”
“Mommy, can I play Anthony’s DSi?”
“Mommy, can we play the Playstation?”
Mommy says:  “Why don’t you go outside and play two players?”

We are playing the “car level” when I am asked repeatedly, “when we get home can we play the Wii?”
over, and over, and over

I’ve created little monsters.  I should change my blog to mommy23monsters.