I suck.

Somehow over the past year or so I’ve fallen off the mommy wagon.  The wagon where I was great.  Where I cooked homemade meals and made an effort to entertain the boys.  Maybe it’s because they are just so darn easy.

When Anthony was little, he demanded all of my attention.  I could not sit down at my laptop or a TV show and chill.  I was up and running and had to give him my undivided attention.  Always.  I still do.  I cooked meals for him when he was little and he actually ate them.  Maybe that’s why he’s such a good eater now.

The twins don’t need me for anything other then wiping their poopy butt or getting their chocolate milk.  They play and entertain each other all day long.  They don’t even notice if I leave the room.  They are perfectly happy eating chicken nuggets for every meal.  In fact, they prefer it.  My philosophy is:  why cook when they won’t eat it anyway?

So I’ve gotten myself  into a rut.  The rut of giving them chicken nuggets or PB&J for every meal.  Bob isn’t home at night so why bother with the effort of cooking?  I let them play video games and watch TV.  They are happy.

Now what does that make me?

Certainly not the great mommy I always wanted to be.  The great one I set out to be when I first had kids.

I wanted to be the cool mom who bakes with her kids.  Do you have any idea what a pain in the ass it is to try and bake with one boy, much less three??  It really sucks.  I avoid it at all costs.  Then I see other moms posting or talking about what fun they had making some craft or dessert with their 20 home-schooled kids.  Way to make a mom feel inadequate.  Sheesh.

I suck.

I love to cook and bake.  We (my DH) make a lot of home made bread, I love home made pancakes, and it’s FUN to make home made waffles shaped like hearts.  I’ve canned fruit and made my own jelly.  I even made some of my own peanut butter.  Last summer I picked oranges and made fresh orange juice for everyone.

I really do like this stuff.

So, why do I make chicken nuggets and corndogs for my boys for dinner?  Every night.  Even while I have cookbooks FULL of stuff I want and like to make?

Because I suck.

SO.  I’m going to change.  As I declare it here for the world to see.

A couple weeks ago I picked up this cookbook at Costco called “Family Feasts for $75.00 a Week.”  It sat on my table for a while before I even got around to looking at it.  But then this past week I started to read what the author, who happens to be a fellow blogger, had to say.

This woman, Mary Ostyn, is the mother of 10 children!  She makes all of their food from scratch (mostly) and spends less than $1000 a month on groceries for all of them (I think I read it was $800-900/month).  Hell, I spend nearly $700 some months and we are only 5 people!  And, she cooks everything instead of buying pre-packaged fare.

I was impressed.

She is everything I wish I was as a mother.

Mary has inspired me to try and do better for my boys.  I will NOT buy any more frozen chicken nuggets.  I will NOT buy any more frozen corn dogs.  Well, I might buy a few…I am sure the little people will resist my change. I WILL start trying to follow some of her tips in the book and see if I can’t reclaim my boys as mine instead of having them lost to The Force.

I’m going to start planning my weekly meals, eating out less, and actually cooking stuff.  She has some great ideas for getting this stuff done even during a busy week.  She buys meat in bulk and then cooks it as soon as she gets home.  She then portions it out into ziplock bags and puts it in the freezer.  Why didn’t I think of that??  Do you know how much boneless skinless chicken I waste because I have to thaw out a giant pack but can’t use it all fast enough?


Mary Ostyn does not suck.

So I’ll be following some of her tips.  I’ll share with you what works for me and if I’ve made any progress towards my mommy reformation.

Go me!  Wish me luck!

Off to make some home made chicken nuggets…think they’ll notice?

FTC Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  I was not asked by Mary Ostyn to talk about her book or promo it in any way.  I actually bought the book myself and am going to try it because I think I suck and need all the help I can get.