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I have 2 toddlers at home (well, I guess they aren’t so toddlerish anymore) and a child in elementary school.  They are all at a crazy age and it’s tough to get out and get stuff done with them in tow.  Especially with them being boys.  We hit a store and they all three go in different directions.  It’s enough to make a mommy crazy!  So I avoid it at all costs.

I try to schedule my grocery store trips around Bob’s schedule so that I don’t have to bring them with me.  For the most part it works out okay, but not always.  I also try to keep a list of what’s needed so that when I do have to haul them all with me, I can get in and out without having to use my brain.  Sometimes I think it would be SO great to have someone else do my grocery shopping and thinking for me.

Oh wait, there is such a service!


Alice is an online store that provides all of your household essentials.  Things like toilet paper, cough syrup, trash bags, dishsoap, etc.  Things like that.  Not your grocery food items, but things you can’t live without (do you really want to run out of toilet paper?  I think not).  Items that you use daily and need to restock on a regular basis.  By signing up for a free account Alice will keep track of your shopping list and even send you a reminder when she thinks you might be low!

If you think that shopping this way will be more expensive, you are wrong. is very competitively priced, they keep track of all the available coupons out there and will automatically apply them to your order and they provide FREE SHIPPING.

If the convenience, free shipping and automatic coupons don’t convince you to give it a try, then maybe the affiliate “Refer a Friend” program will.  By referring your friends to Alice, they will receive a $10 credit into their accounts (once they spend $50.00) and then you will receive 3% of your friends’ yearly purchases.  Cool!

I already use and love them and if you are looking for help in making your daily life easier, I suggest you give them a try, too.  It’s free so you don’t have anything to lose.

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