Sooo…how about that Super Bowl??

My family gathered at my aunts house to watch the game.  Bob had to work and I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game since I would have to keep eyes on my crazy monkey boys by myself.  But as it turned out, I think I got to watch most of it and had a great time.

I think it was an AWESOME game!  Very exciting.  I was routing for the Saints so was very happy with the outcome.  I think my favorite part of the actual game was the onside kick at the start of the 2nd half.  What a may-lay! LOL!  There was punching and kicking and just general mayhem.  It was quite entertaining if I don’t say so myself.

Of course, I had my eyes open to the all important Super Bowl Commercials and I think they had some good ones.  Here are my favorites.

Bridgstone “Whale of a Tale” Commercial. I have no idea why I thought this was so funny.  I think it made me laugh the hardest of them all.

VW “Slug-aBug” Commercial. LOVED Stevie Wonder and Tracy Morgan at the end, it was classic. LMAO!

Budlight’s “Asteroid.” Funny, the YouTube version is edited for “content.” I seem to remember it being much more risque on the actual TV. Either way, I loved all the Budlight commercials.

Dove’s “Journey to Comfort.” Thought it had a catchy tune.

Doritos “Snack Attach Samurai.” Doritos always has the best commercials, but I didn’t really like the dog bark collar one. This one though was to funny.

Of course there were many more that made me laugh.  The Denny’s Chickens were hysterical and Betty White playing football I think will be a classic.  But I think these were my favorite.  There is a Super Bowl Commercial Channel going on YouTube right now and you can see everything that aired.

What was your favorite commercial??  Looking at the AdBlitz’s channel I realized that I missed more than I thought by chasing my little punk monkeys around, so which one do I need to go see?

I love commercials!