I have been trying to potty train NayNay for TWO YEARS.  I told you how potty training sucked way back in June.  Now here we are 8 months later and we are still trying to get him potty trained.


I don’t know what’s going on.  I’ve talked to his pediatrician.  All I get from him is a bunch of nonsense about how he is holding on to this control that he has over it.  Personally, I think it’s bull shit.

Nathan is LAZY.

Me and my mom have talked and thought and racked our brains about what is going on.

Maybe it hurts?  I doubt that.  He eats more fruit and veggies than any of us and he’s never had hard poop.  It’s always big and soft and mushy.  Sorry about the visual.

He knows how to go in the toilet.  He does it sometimes…when he feels like it.  He went months without going in his pants.  He was potty trained.

Well, I’m done with it.


I put the boy in underwear yesterday.  He did good, only one accident (but his accident happened when he got hurt and was laying on the ground crying…poor kid).  It was forgivable.  Of course, he did not poop all day yesterday.  He’s holding it.

This morning, I put him in underwear.  He protested and said he wanted a pull up.

I said “No.  You are all done with pull ups and I know you can do this.  You. Can. Do. This.”


I hope he can do this.

Am I doing the right thing?  Forcing the issue?  I think I have been plenty patient.  Patient for 2 years already.  I know I shouldn’t compare him to his brother, but Gabe’s been in underwear for over 2 years!  He can do this.  Right?  RIGHT?

Please tell me I’m right.