Over the summer, we signed Anthony up for Little League.  He hated it.  I think he wanted to like it, but standing out in the field while the other kids were up at bat was boring.  I didn’t really blame him.

He didn’t quit the season, I made sure of that.  But when it ended he said he didn’t want to play again.  Okay.  Fine.

Anthony is a big kid, with a lot of raw energy.  He needs something to do.

I was thinking maybe Football.

Football is a lot busier.  It also has a lot more physical contact that I think he might like.  I mean, he spends all day tackling his brothers and that by itself should warrant something.  Although, maybe it should just warrant a time out and not an Ivy League Football Scholarship.  I’m not an expert.

So I saw the signs this week for Pop Warner sign-ups.  YAY!

At first, I wasn’t sure it was actually for Pop Warner since the local website kinda sucks.  There was no info at all.  Everything was blank (today they at least have sign-up dates posted).  But then a friend of mine who’s daughter is involved in the Cheer program emailed me the flyer.  I got so excited at the prospect of him playing.

Then, I read the flyer.

$350.00 registration fee.

Are you freaking kidding me?

That’s a CAR PAYMENT!  (Well, not my car payment…but someone’s I’m sure).

And it’s not real clear, but I don’t think that includes the uniform.  It only said “registration includes:  name on jersey, mouth guard, game socks and NO snack bar duty.”

I’ve never worked a snack bar but I can’t imagine it being that bad that it’s part of the registration “package.”  Is it?

Anyhow, so now I am at decision time.  Where I have to step up and be both a grown up and a mom.

What should I do?

He has mentioned that he would like to play football (but he said the same thing about starting baseball).  Football is definitely more exciting to watch and play (at least in my opinion).  He needs something to focus his energy on.  All good pro’s right?

Would you pay $350.00 for your kid to play a sport?  Holy crap…what if he likes it and wants to keep playing?  What if in 2 years the twins decide they want to play, too?  That’s THREE X $350.00!  Yikes.  *sigh*

What should I do?

Kids are expensive.  Maybe I’ll just go buy him Madden NFL 10 for the Wii.  It’s cheaper.