My DH (“darling husband”…at least for today *wink*) bought all the parts needed to build me a new computer system as a Birthday/Valentine’s day present.  I’ll write more on the specifics of it all later.  Along with this new system, he splurged and got me Microsoft Windows 7 Professional . I had been using Vista on my laptop and while it was okay for me, the tech in him hated it.

Today is really the first day I’ve gotten to get in and play around with my new computer, and I had to reinstall Adobe Photoshop Elements 8. Along with this reinstall though, I realized that I had to go through and find all my favorite fonts again.

I’ve probably never mentioned that I’m a font whore, have I?

I had a ton that I’ve collected and was not looking forward to reinstalling them all.

Begrudgingly,  I went to my favorite font site and started downloading.  It was then that I discovered just how freaking EASY it is to install fonts with Windows 7!  I got all giddy like a little girl on Christmas.  I decided that I would share my new found knowledge with all of you.

1st step:

Same as always, download and extract your font files.  Unless you have your settings weirded out, the extracted files should end up in your documents file.

2nd step:

Step 3:

Pretty awesome, huh?

All done.  Open Photoshop and your font’s will magically appear.

You’re welcome.

Isn’t this enough reason to get Windows 7?

I thought so.

ETA:  I later learned that you don’t even HAVE to extract your zipped font files.  Once the zip is downloaded, just double click/highlight the font (screenshot 2) file and click “Install.”  No unzipping required.