I told you all last week about my infant cousin, Penelope who was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma.  Well, I got to go visit her yesterday and so I wanted to share an update with you.

From what her mommy & daddy tell me, Penny bumped her head last week.  A few days later, she developed these terrible black eyes.  So they had her into the doctor and suspected she must have it it really hard, or maybe there was a bleeding disorder going on.  A few different thoughts on it.  Well, when her eyes didn’t clear up, the doctor had them take her to the emergency room.  I guess they thought maybe something was broken.

They spent a long time at the ER having cat scans done to look for breaks or something to explain the back eyes.  Several hours later, a doctor pulled the screen and told them that they had found “something” on the cat scan.  He told them right then that he thought it was neuroblastoma.

Penny was admitted to the hospital where my cousin’s life changed.

I suppose if you want to find the silver lining here it would be that less than 5% of these cases present in the face with the black eyes.  If her eyes hadn’t done that, they would still not even know she was sick.  And because they were able to discover and diagnose the cancer before her 1st birthday, it makes treating it that much better.  Even still, her prognoses for complete recovery is only 60%.

My beautiful cousin went from being a doting mother of a perfect 11 month old, to being worried sick for her child.

Poor sweet Penny has gone from being a rambunctious little thing with an Italian appetite, to being lethargic and quiet.

Seeing her yesterday broke my heart.

This isn’t fair.  Penny was a planned baby, very wanted and so loved by a HUGE family.  For this to happen to her just isn’t fair!

I got the privilege of creating a website for Penny.  There will hopefully be some content on there in the next couple days.  Her dad is currently writing up the past weeks events and we’ll have them posted soon.  As you can imagine, he’s a little busy right now.

There will be a paypal account created for Penny and her care.  Currently, their insurance will only cover 60% of her treatments.  That leaves a lot to be made up.  Penny will have chemo on a weekly basis and who knows what kind of surgeries will be in her future.

I hope you feel compelled to bookmark her site and continue to pray for her healing and her parents strength.