Anthony’s hair had been getting quite long and shaggy.  I kinda liked it, it was a nice change from his standard crew cut that we’ve kept him in most of his life.  But his bangs were getting in his eyes and even he was complaining about it hurting when he was running.

So we had a discussion.

“Do you want mommy to shave your head or do you want to keep it long?”
“I want it long.”
“No, I want it short.”
“No, I want it long.”


Finally, he decided he wanted to keep it long.

Ok.  Great.  Mommy took him to our local Super Cuts to just get it trimmed and his bangs taken up out of his eyes.  Considering he hadn’t had a real salon cut in several years, he did great.  Overall, I was happy with my $15.00 investment.

Fast forward one week.

I can only guess that Anthony didn’t think his bangs were short enough and they were still getting in his eyes.

He decided to take care of it himself.


If I had known he could just do it himself I would have saved myself fifteen freaking dollars.

I thought this was something mommies of little girls had to deal with.  I never thought It would occur with my boys.  Maybe he’ll be the next Jose’ Eber?