I’m still on my quest to find something for Anthony to focus on.  Last Spring, he played baseball (hated it).  Then I started thinking that he might like football (very expensive for us).  Talking with him about Football, he was interested but didn’t seem overly excited.  Then I started thinking about Martial Arts.


I talked about it with Bob.  We were (are) concerned that he may try out new “skills” on his brothers.  So, I asked around to a few other mom’s.  Everyone I spoke with told me how much their child liked their lessons and they (mostly) did not practice on their siblings.


So I contacted my local Martial Arts Studio (they teach Tang Soo Do) and took Anthony in for his first lesson today.

Anthony did not stop grinning ear to ear the entire 40 minute, one on one lesson.  To say he was thrilled would be an understatement.

I signed him up for classes and he received his uniform and white belt.  Once we got home, he had to show his dad his new skills.

Can you say….Pure Happiness?

Cross your fingers that he doesn’t practice on his brothers.  I’ll keep you posted!