I apologize ahead of time if this comes off a bit disjointed.  I have never been very good at waiting and so I am typing and thinking and pleaing all at the same time here (and I don’t think “pleaing” is a word either…sorry about that, too).

I’ve mentioned my cousin’s 11 month old daughter, Penelope.  She has been recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  Penny’s insurance is only going to cover 60% of her treatments.  As it is, they haven’t even left the hospital and already have a $4000 bill for her very first CT scan. And there is more coming:

Since then she’s had 2 MRI’s, a bone scan, two nuclear medicine scans, a bone marrow biopsy, two surgeries, 7 rounds of anesthesia, daily X-rays, 1 cycle of chemotherapy, countless meetings/reviews with Dr’s, and 12 days inpatient.  On top of that we were informed that once we’re released she needs daily GCS-F shots.  A 10 day treatment of these shots costs $1,500.  So, we’d need two 10 day cycles per month, since she’ll get chemo every three weeks and be inpatient 3-5 days after.  Of course, this medication is NOT covered by our insurance. ~www.pennies4penny.org


My heart is so heavy for my cousin and her little family.

So, I started thinking.  Heck, I’m a blogger.  I’m “in tune” with social media.  I have seen Twitter go crazy over less important stuff.  How can I use my “influence” (term I use loosely – lol) to help my sweet baby cousin?

This is where YOU come in.

I’m staging a massive offensive.  I want to spread the word of Penny and her fight to the world.  I need bloggers blogging about her, I need twitterers tweeting about her and I want Facebookers Facebooking about her!

We need our local San Diego news stations to pick up her story (tweet them Fox 5, 10News, NBC San Diego) .  We are looking for businesses to donate goods/services for fund raising purposes.  I will be organizing an online auction and need donations so that 100% of the proceeds can go to Penny’s treatment.

Will you please help?

You may or may not be aware that  just today, another little girl tragically passed of this dreadful disease.  In no way do I want to be insensitive to sweet Layla Grace or her family.  But time is also of the essence for Penny and I don’t want to waste it.

Please don’t let Penny’s story end like Layla’s!  It is simply unbearable to imagine.

Join me!  This Friday March 12th.

  • Please post about Pennies4Penny.org on your blog.  You have the families permission to use her photo as long as it’s in conjunction with a post about her and in no way derogatory or offensive.
  • Please FLOOD Twitter with Penny’s fight!  Link to your post or Penny’s website, or both.  Follow @pennies4penny and Use hash tag #pennies4penny.
  • Please post Facebook status updates about Penny’s website and her Facebook Fan page at “pennies4penny”.
  • Grab Penny’s Widget (located on my sidebar) to bring awareness of her fight to your own website.
  • And if you are one that does not blog, tweet or facebook, then please just email everyone you know about Penny’s website!

I will have a post up on Friday at Pennies4Penny.org with a linky so you may link your love to it for her family and friends to see.

If you are a company that would like to donate goods/services for an online fundraiser, please contact me here to discuss details.

Thank you SO much!

Pennies for Penny