If you’ve been here at all, you will know that my sweet infant cousin, Penelope was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  She has spent the last 3 weeks in Rady Children’s Hospital here in San Diego.  She has a private insurance policy that will only cover 60% of her very expensive treatments.

This weekend, we are having a fund raising auction.

Please visit Pennies4Penny.com beginning Friday morning (6am) to have your chance to bid and win on some amazing products.  The outpouring of love and support for this little girl has just been amazing.  We have secured donations from over 30 companies and individuals.  Several of these sponsors have donated more than one item!

For future reference, these are the auction terms (they will also be posted on each individual auction item):

 Pennies 4 Penny is in the process of securing a non-profit tax ID number.  So when you win a bid, you will be able to deduct it on your taxes.  You’ll be getting some awesome deals and donating to a wonderful, feel-good, warm and fuzzy cause:


Seriously, how can you ignore that face??

So please stop by this weekend and have a good time out-bidding your friends, all while helping this little angel beat her cancer!

Meanwhile…there are a few other awesome people out there organizing some fund raisers for Penny.  If you are able, please check them out:

Elle from Somewhere Between Sex and The City & Elmo’s World is organizing an online virtual bake sale.  Please visit her site for details if you are interested in buying some goodies or donating your baking talents to our cause.

The Queen Bee Market is being held on May 1st.  It’s a “hip, modern, and fresh handmade art and gift show” taking place in Carlsbad, CA.  This year they will have buckets placed around the market where you can leave your “pennies for penny.”

Mandy Campbell is a cousin of Penny’s dad, Aaron.  She has created T-Shirts for Penny’s cause and you can order them right from her website, Campbell Family Party of 3.  All the proceeds will go directly to Penny’s medical fund.

Please!!!  Take this post and email it to your friends, tweet it, copy and re-post on your own blog.  You have permission.  As long as it brings awareness and support for this beautiful little girl.

Thank you