I just know you were wondering….

Rhea…where have you been?

I have been online day and night for over a week organizing and executing the fund raising auction for my cousin Penelope.

It has been exhausting!

But I found something along the way that I thought was lost.  There are still good people in this world.  Heck, there are AMAZING people in this world.  And here I thought they were all gone.

Strangers: companies and individual’s alike, all willing to donate items for auction to help a little person they had never and will probably never even meet.  Even more people coming out to bid on these items and tweet the auction and tell their friends about it.


There are still wonderful and giving people in this world.

And because of this, I have been a very busy little girl!

Over the next week or so I will introduce you to some of the companies that helped out Penny.  There were over 50 donated items!  I get an email every day from someone else wanting to still donate.  It’s crazy.  And to thank them, and to pass on the good Karma, I will introduce you to them here.  Then you will know that there are good, unselfish companies out there still willing to do good for the sake of doing good…not because they required any recognition.

And please know that I am still here.  Once I have all the winning bidders matched up to the sponsoring companies I will start posting more.  I made home made syrup the other day that was the BOMB.  Can’t believe I’ve never done it before.  So I have a recipe to share.  Also, Anthony has his first Science Fair exhibition today so of course I need to talk about that.

So please be patient with me.  I’m here.