Yesterday was a great day!

Baby J’s family came down from Northern California and we had a 3D Ultrasound done. This week was the first time I got to meet the Baby’s grandma (Omi) and his Aunti Gina.  I swear, these people are amazing!  So very nice and generous.  This little baby couldn’t ask for a better family.

So we all met up at the Ultrasound place and waited anxiously to see the little guy.  But, it seems he was not as anxious to see us!  He was literally folded in half, with his feet up above his head.  Because his feet were up, it was quite hard to get good clear shots of his face.  He also kept putting his hands over his eyes.  Very stubborn!

I had made sure to eat and even threw a little Diet Coke in at lunch to make sure he was good and active before the appointment.  Usually, when I eat he goes a little nutty and is very active.  Yesterday…not so much.  He slept.

It’s kinda funny, every time I get around his momma, he sleeps.  She has never gotten to feel his kicks.  Maybe her voice is soothing to him?  That would be a good thing.

So here is the sweet baby’s face.  He’s got some seriously chubby cheeks and I think he’s one of the cutest baby’s ever. Of course, I think all baby’s are cute when they are sleeping.

We are on the final countdown.  Today I am 33 weeks pregnant.  I am down to OB appointments every 2 weeks.  Hopefully at my appointment on Tuesday they will tell me what this little guy’s birthday is going to be.  We are combining the c-section with my hernia repair surgery and the doctors had to coordinate.  Hopefully they have coordinated and can tell us the big date.

Oh, and the funniest part of yesterday?  After the appointment I had to stop at the bank.  I was telling the teller (who is my friend) about the ultrasound and how Anthony got to go.  She asked him what he thought and he replied “It was so cool and we didn’t even need special glasses!”

No special glasses required to see how cute this baby will be.