The boys colored eggs last night.  It’s always so stressful for me…anything “artsy.”  With three of them going off, trying to be independent…with permanent dye no less.  Luckily, 18 eggs don’t last too long between 3 boys and it was over quicker than the time it took me to set up.  I do think they did a good job and their eggs turned out beautiful (if I don’t say so myself).

I actually really loved these “puffy” letter stickers that came in the Spongebob kit.  They were cute.

Have you colored eggs yet?  Heather at Home to Heather had some cute egg dying tips you might want to check out.  I wish I had thought about the cookie tray one, only because I think we lost about 6 eggs to rolling off the table and breaking.  I think a cookie sheet would have helped with that a lot.  I hope I remember to try it next year.