Easter was a really great day!  It was a beautiful Southern California day, high 60’s and sunny.  We started out the day by going to my aunts house for brunch and an Easter egg hunt.  It was really great this year to watch the twins hunting for eggs without assistance.  We didn’t even have to explain it to them…they were pro’s!

click for a larger view

My aunt has a pretty large piece of property and it was FILLED with eggs, candy and even some cotton candy buckets.  All of the children (10 total) were in sugar heaven.

My niece, Rhea

Here is our half way decent picture of mine and my brother’s kids.

After brunch we came back to our house for the second half of our day.  My uncle Rick came over with my cousin Jovanna.  Carina and Aaron came up with Penelope.  In the afternoon we ate more food and searched for more eggs.

Rylee.  Don’t let the pretty dress and sweet smile fool you!  I wish the dirt on her dress showed better, she was a mess!

mmmm….more sugar!  Look at the dirt on  his face!

One of my favorite pictures of the day.  Pretty Rhea and Anthony looking like a hoodlum!

Gabe had the best time blowing bubbles!

Jovi.  She’s currently participating in a beauty pageant. LOL

And sweet Penelope.  All smiles the day before her next round of chemotherapy starts.

It was an awesome day.  So thankful to have spent it with the people I love the most.  How was your holiday?