I took this picture today, 34 weeks and 4 days into my surrogate pregnancy.  To most, 34w4d is inconsequential, but for me, it means the world.

Now, this was me at 34 weeks 4 days…2 and a half years ago, pregnant with triplets.  We were at the hospital getting ready to deliver three beautiful little babies!  I sure wish I had a side view photo for comparison.

Everyone was in awe of me that I had made it “so far along” with the triplets.  Most high order multiples deliver much earlier.  I had never developed any complications nor did I ever have any inkling of pre-term labor.  The doctor, after performing an amniocentesis, decided that it would be safer for everyone to have the babies on the the outside of the womb.  So at 34 weeks 4 days, they were born.

Those little babies rocked it!  All of them were over 5 pounds and only one needed any oxygen.  They amazed everyone at their strength.  They left the hospital 8 days later.

Here are the triplets today:  <3

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I just love that I get so many pictures from their mommy.  I am a lucky surrogate!

It’s very comforting to know that I could go into labor today and little Baby J would be okay.  But, it’s also a very good thing that he’s not showing any signs of wanting out.  Stay and bake, baby.  I’ll meet you on May 10th.