So, my friend Jessica over at Riding With Jessica wrote up a post explaining how cool Windows Live Writer was, so I am here testing it out.

I have to admit, I was a little confused after downloading it and I couldn’t find where to actually blog with it…but here I am so I obviously figured it out.  Hint:  After you download it, you have to click on your start button to find the folders that say “Windows Live.”  I had to click on “all documents” to get there.  But now, thanks to Windows 7, I have it “pinned” to my task bar and it’s very easy to access.

So far, I think I am having the most fun checking out the available plug-in’s.  There looks to be some cool stuff!  Oh, and playing with photos, you can insert watermarks, tilt your photos, etc.  FUN times for bored mommy’s!

Alright, so I told Jessica that I didn’t think there was a “point” or purpose for using Live Writer…but this might be fun.  I’ll let you know my verdict.

PS – with my theme, Thesis, I do have to go into my WP dashboard and move the image around if I want the thumbnails to show up right.  Unfortunately, this removes any cool rotations I might have on my main post image.  Oh well, I still think it’s kinda cool and will let you know  more later.