I asked recently if you had a child with ADHD, “how did you know?” Well, I sent his teacher an email over the Spring Break to get her thoughts.  I figured she has seen lots of boys his age and maybe she would have an opinion or some insight.

Kids went back to school today and when I picked my son up from class she brought it up.  She mentioned getting my email note and that she “agrees.”  She does not think I am off base in my suspicions that he might be ADHD and she thinks it is a good idea to have him evaluated.  She would not be surprised if he has it.

I have mixed feelings right now.

On one hand, I feel validated that someone else…a professional…agrees with me.  That I’m not just a lousy mother looking to “blame” something for my child’s unruliness.

On the other hand, my heart is breaking.  I don’t want to be right!  I want someone to just tell me that he is typical and suggest some new parenting techniques to me so that I can be a more effective parent.

We meet with his pediatrician tomorrow for an initial evaluation.  His teacher said to expect them to give me a form for her to fill out about his school behaviors.  Then I guess I’ll know more about what’s next.