The boys and I were recently invited to the Sea Life Aquarium in Carlsbad, CA.  It’s conveniently located right next door to Legoland and makes for a great family fun activity.  We were invited down to get a look at their Shark’s Revealed exhibit and some new shows.  Since Anthony was in school, it was a great little outing for me and the twins.

While I had been to Legoland before, I had never actually made it into the aquarium.

SEA LIFETM is designed to be a child’s first interactive guide to the life of the sea, combining active, hands-on learning with fascinating educational talks, and opportunities to have up close and personal encounters with a variety of sea creatures. A visit to SEA LIFE is an experience like no other!

SEA LIFE has recently added a 3.5 foot long scalloped hammerhead shark to their display along with three new shark shows.  The scalloped hammerhead shark is not on display at any other Southern California aquarium!  I was really excited to see this creature, but it eluded us.  I kept hearing people say “oh, look!  There it is!”  But, I was always too late in turning my head.  I think the two enthusiastic three year olds were diverting my attention.

The new shows include:

Shark Talk which (I hear) is a fun and interactive puppet show appearing daily at noon and 3pm.  Again, I missed this one.  I actually got lost (haha) and couldn’t figure out how to get back to the staging area.  It was at the end of our time there and this big ole preggo girl was tired.  I didn’t have the energy to make another circle around.  The little ones were disappointed about missing the puppet show, but they got over it with some soda.

The Daily Dive Help our exploration diver and Professor Proof uncover the secrets of the Lost City of Atlantis. The show uses a special dive mask that allows the diver to talk to guests for a fun, interactive and educational experience. Daily @ 11am.

Shark and Ray Adventure Do you think you have what it takes to become a Shark Biologist? Give it a try with help from Johannes Thunder as you take field notes while observing the sharks and rays of the Ray Lagoon.  Thursday – Tuesday @1pm/Wednesday @ 2pm.

The little brothers and I had a great time exploring the Sea Life Aquarium. I loved the kid friendly, hands-on activities.  It’s a very affordable adventure for the family, and paired with a trip to Legoland, it’s awesome.


FTC Disclosure:  Thank you, Sea Life Aquarium for inviting us into your facility.  They provided complimentary passes as well as breakfast and shark puppets for the boys.  The opinions on the park are always my own.