I had a very eventful week last week!  On Thursday, we were invited up to meet Nickelodeon’s The Fresh Beat Band..and we had a blast!

In case you aren’t stuck watching Nickelodeon. all day, here’s what The Fresh Beat Band is all about:

The Fresh Beat Band centers on four best friends – Kiki, Marina, Twist and Shout.  They are in a band who attend music school together and love to sing and dance.  The half-hour series has a broad-based music curriculum focusing on self-expression through music, music appreciation and comprehension of music terminology.

Set to original pop songs, The Fresh Beat Band teaches preschoolers how to express their feelings through movement, song and instrumental music.  The Series also introduces kids to the fundamentals of music such as melody, rhythm, tempo and performance styles.

All of my boys love to watch the show and it was a real treat to get to go up to Los Angeles to tour their studio and meet the cast.  Anthony especially was fascinated by all the “behind the scene’s” of putting together a television show.  We were treated to lunch, “Groovy Smoothies,” and a cast meet & greet.

Cast “Meet & Greet”

Anthony in the “Groovy Smoothie”

On the Set tour

It was really cool to come home after the event and watch the show.  They boys kept yelling “we were there!!”  “I touched that mailbox!”  LOL

I actually wrote a post about The Fresh Beat Band a while back because I recognized “Marina” from my daytime show, Day’s of our Lives and I didn’t think these people could possibly be really singing the songs.  I was wrong.  Well…”Marina” really was on DOOL, but I learned that the cast DO sing their own songs.

All four of the actors are musically trained.  They sing and play multiple instruments.

“Kiki” (Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer) has performed on Broadway and has awards in musical theater.  She started playing the violin when she was only 3 years old.  She attended the University of Miami on an Opera scholarship!

“Marina” (Shayna Rose) has been performing and singing professionally since she was 8 years old.  She also has training as an Opera singer and has recently released an acoustic record on iTunes.

“Shout” (Thomas Hobson) was probably my favorite.  He was so chatty and up helping  move the shade tents around.  Very down to earth.  Anyhow, he has been acting since 6 years old.  He attended Yale University with a degree in Theatre Studies.  While at Yale he performed with popular acapella groups and won several awards.

“Twist” (Jon Beavers) began his career in Hawaii.  He’s made appearances on network shows as well as performing in Paris.

New Episode Premiers on Earth Day (April 22)

The Fresh Beat Band has a brand new episode airing on Earth Day called “Bubble Blast.”  It is about the neighborhood getting together and cleaning up for “Clean & Green Day” as only The Fresh Beat Band neighborhood can…full of music and bubbles!  I was given a DVD copy of the episode and the boys loved it.  Be sure to tune in to Nickelodeon at 12pm ET/PT to catch the episode that is part of an entire green-themed day.

Live Performances in Los Angeles (April 24 & 25)

If you and the kids want to catch The Fresh Beat Band LIVE, they will be performing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books held at the UCLA campus.  The concerts will be held on the Target Children’s Stage at 10 am, both days, followed by an autograph session.  This event is FREE!

All in all, we had a great day!  of course, my hernia was giving me grief and since I’m hugely pregnant right now, I was too slow to keep up and actually hear what the show creators were saying during the tour…but it was so much fun for the boys.  They put a lot of thought into this show and I appreciate it since it’s one of my boys’ favorites.

FTC Disclosure:  I was invited to the Paramount Lot in Los Angeles and we were treated to lunch and smoothies.