Well, in my search to determine if Anthony really has ADHD, I took him to see his pediatrician.  I had already spoken with his teacher and she thought it was a good idea to have him evaluated.  So off we went.

I was very nervous.  I just didn’t know what to expect.  No mom ever wants to hear that her child has something potentially wrong.

While at the peds office, Anthony never once sat still.  He was on the table, off the table.  Dancing in front of the mirror.  Sticking his stinky feet in my face.  Laughing, talking, being ornery.  All in front of the doctor!  Any other day, I would have been mortified and scolded him to knock it off or else.  But, today, I let him…be him.

Right away the doctor mentioned medications to “help.”  I told him definitely not as a first course of treatment.  The thing I do love about his doctor is that he has never been pushy with anything and immediately went into what other options might be available if it was determined that this is what we were dealing with.

He asked me how long Anthony had been acting on the “wild side.”  I told him ever since September 2004 (birthday).  LOL  None of his behavior is new, it’s just as he’s gotten bigger, it’s gotten louder and more disruptive.  But he has always been “intense,” talkative, bouncy and emotional.

Towards the end of the appointment I point blank asked the Doctor to tell me if he was just acting like a typical 5 year old.  He told me “definitely not.”  He said that most kids would at least sit quietly through a doctors appointment and was amused by Anthony’s exam room antics.  This made me both relieved and terrified.  Relieved that I wasn’t imagining anything or trying to “blame” his poor behavior on my bad parenting.  Terrified because this would change everything.

The diagnosis is not “official” yet.  I had some questionnaires to bring home and have his teachers fill out.  I am still waiting on those…maybe I’ll get them today and can fax them back.  I’m not sure what happens next.

Of course, since I am a “digital mom,” I have been searching and reading like a mad woman online.  I am researching diets and how they effect ADHD.  I have to say, it’s no wonder that there is this epidemic in our children today!  The food we feed our children today is horrible.  Full of shit I would not feed my dog!  And the most horrifying part is that I had no idea.

I learned that all those controversial food colors and preservatives are made out of PETROLEUM! Crude Oil people.  The same thing that is used to run our cars.  This is what we feed our children.  Oil.  Did you know that is what “Red dye #40” was or even some “anti-oxidants?”  Yeah…me neither.  Sucks, huh?

One such “program” is called The Feingold Diet.  There are other “diets” that eliminate dairy.  I mean, this is a much debated issue.  My head is spinning!  I got this Dr. Bob book at the store the other day and it is focused on eliminating dairy.  This book actually doesn’t make as much sense to me as the Feingold Program that focuses on the preservatives and dyes.  I guess this is just where it comes down to trial and error and finding what works best for my individual.

I’m going to start by taking out the dyes and preservatives and eliminating as much sugar as I can.  We’ll go from there.  Even if he ends up without the diagnosis of ADHD, eating this way is SO much better for all of us, ya know?  I’ll keep my petroleum in my gas tank, thank you very much.