Raising 3 boys in Southern California on a single income is really hard.  We constantly struggle to make ends meet while providing food and shelter for the kids.  There usually isn’t a lot left over for things like clothes and shoes.

Thank goodness for Grandma’s!

And thank goodness for Marshalls and TJ Maxx!

I love these stores.  You can always find great deals at a fraction of retail cost.  This is a life saver when you have 3 boys that barely stay in one size for an entire season.  They grow so fast and are so hard on their stuff.  It’s enough to make a momma go crazy.

I have found some of my favorite things at these discount stores.  The twins have the cutest monkey hoodies that we got last season, and (still) my favorite shirt of Anthony’s came from TJ Maxx in the fall.  It’s great quality, not what you would expect at discount prices.

Not two months ago, I spent nearly $50.00 on tennis shoes for Anthony at a “discount” shoe chain.  They did not last TWO MONTHS.  *ugh*  It’s so frustrating.  Boys are so hard on their things.  So I headed out to Marshalls to check out their shoe selection.  I was able to score a pair of Reebok tennis shoes for him for less than $25.00.  He was thrilled and could not wait to “personalize” them…note the non-standard green laces.  LOL


I’m so happy with our purchase!

Honestly, I have not made it to TJ Maxx in a while.  When you are giantly pregnant it’s hard to get out and just browse.  I can’t wait to have the baby and head out to see what I can score for the boys.  Just don’t you forget that they are there, shelves stocked and waiting for you to come find the perfect deal!

FTC Disclosure:  I was provided with a $25.00 gift card to each store so that I could discover their Spring fashion finds and share my thoughts with you.